Monday, 24 August 2009


Over the weekend, Patrick took some photos of my work for me.  Looking at my needle felted pieces makes me antsy to start felting again!  I'm on the lookout for vintage sweaters to create new designs with.  I also have many photos from my trip that I can't wait to experiment with.  As well as this, I'm hoping to branch into the interior accessories realm with my work (more to come on this soon!).   

Detail of green t-shirt style cashmere sweater.  Hand needle felted wool motif. 

Bleached photo with needle felting embellishment.

Postcard, tea stained and embellished with wool.

Framed and mounted tea stained photograph with needle felted wool.


Meghan Kraatz said...

Nice! I like the looks of what you're doing... I am excited to see more! :)

Eleanor Magpie said...

These are beautiful (as always!) The framed photo looks especially nice...helps it feel more like a finished piece, I think. Is that frame vintage? It's so perfect, it would be a shame to think you couldn't easily get another if you wanted.