Monday, 18 October 2010

sweater photo shoot

I couldn't have asked for a better afternoon to take photos of my sweaters! This is a little peek into what you can expect to see soon at All of the sweaters shown here are vintage cashmere. I embellished these quality finds by adding hand needle felted wools in my signature botanical motif. The colour palette, design and wool selections vary from sweater to sweater, making each a unique piece.

Here the lovely Rebecca is modelling a red cashmere turtleneck:

Zsuzsa, our flash girl

We had two surprise encounters, one with my friend and fellow textile artist Joey Suriano, who just happened to be walking by the shoot. The other was this coy little creature:

We climbed a beautiful stone wall to get these photos just as the sun was setting:

I couldn't have asked for a better model and crew. Thanks!

Model: Rebecca
Photographer: Patrick

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Eleanor Magpie said...

I really love these patterns, especially the ones going over the shoulder.