Tuesday, 15 January 2013

new year, new project no. 1

This is the first of many projects that I want to highlight here on my blog throughout this month and into the next.  I'm hoping these posts will not only celebrate the creation of new work but also inspire you to have a go at new projects as well.  Winter is the best time to knit, and knitted pieces make great gifts.  This scarf is for my sweetheart.  He requested a narrow width simple design finished to a moderate length.  I needed only one skein of Nature Spun by the Brown Sheep Company in colour 120 Cresting Waves to complete this project.  The stitch is from a book of knitting patterns that my mom has had for so long, it's yellowed, ripped and well used, but really is the best resource.  It's called the Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary.  Read below for the stitch details.

Chevron Seed Stitch
Multiple of 8
Row 1: *P 1, k 3*
Row 2: *K 1, p 5, k 1, p 1*
Row 3: *K 2, p 1, k 3, p 1, k 1*
Row 4: *P 2, k 1, p 1, k 1, p 3*

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